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How to behave here

It is requested that people who stay here observe some rules in order to cultivate the harmony of body, speech and mind. In particular, it is important to work towards a clearer mind, more attentive, mindful and virtuous to develop both relative and ultimate aspects of the altruistic mind of enlightenment.

We sincerely try to abandon all negative actions related to the three doors (body, speech and mind):

  • Protection and respect of life is one of the major precepts of the True Teaching of the Buddha, so let us protect the lives even the most insignificant that may be. With the same state of mind, let us also keep safe nature and environment.
  • We are not to take what was not deliberately given. But also, when we use the equipment, if unfortunately we break it or damage it, we try to replace it.
  • Sexual misbehavior is abandoned: we give up all the unfit acts, especially those opposed to ethic and commitments.
  • The use of intoxicants (tobacco, alcohol and other substances) is completely abandoned, because besides damaging health, they lead the mind to neglect, disrespect of oneself and of others, to confusion and mental opacity. Furthermore, intoxicants cut the current of grace which leads to Awakening
  • We shall use gentle, pleasant words and we shall only speak wisely. We abandon any forms of lie. We do not scatter discord. We shall not lead others into error by explaining the True Teachings of the Buddha without being authorized to do so. We abandon harmful words, useless jokes, words that may offend the sensitivities of others, noise; in a word, anything that leads to disrespect of others and to enhance our own value. Especially we shall not slander about others.
  • We abandon any malice minded thoughts, greed and wrong views. If we have doubts we try to dispel them with the help of the Lama and by persisting in our meditative practice.
  • In order to stay in the mind of an inner retreat, we ask you to switch off cell phones. This modern and sometimes convenient article, however, can be a source of pollution. It is possible to call during breaks, without disturbing those around you and preferably outdoors according to the weather. Please consider this request seriously.
  • We take our shoes off before going up to the meditation room because it is a holy place of prayer, meditation and contemplation. This practice leads to humility and respect. It is the same for the bedrooms with wooden floors. But wherever the floor is tiled, please wear shoes or slippers.
  • We dedicate every shared meal to the Three Jewels and Three Roots.
  • During the retreats, we take care of the food and practitioners participate in preparing meals that we share together in the dining room.
  • Food is respected, it is consumed with conscience and it is not wasted. Besides, we make sincere wishes for the beings whose lives were destroyed during all the actions which enabled this meal to get into our plates. When we eat, we do so with moderation, abandoning any greed, and we will develop the pure attention that enables to practice the path of Awakening in any situation.
  • During a stay, we get organized with others to behave harmoniously. We will take turns in all domestic chores (help in the kitchen, dish washing, shopping, cleaning up, sorting out wastes and transporting garbage …)
  • We do not forget to clean up the place properly during our stay and before leaving.
  • Generally, we have a responsible behavior, turn lights off in unused rooms, and avoid talking uselessly and if we must do so, we do it calmly. In brief, we are intent on behaving without disturbing others.


  • The safety rules and a safety plan are posted in the entrance hall and must be read in order to know how to behave in case of an accident, fire or other problem. The emergency phone numbers are clearly written down on this poster. Also to avoid the risk of fire, it is forbidden to burn candles and incense outside the meditation hall, the latter being under the supervision of the person in charge of the shrine.
  • The toilets are on your left at the end of the hall as you come. We ask you to keep these places clean and to use only those intended for you. (men or women)
  • You can park your car bellow the property, being careful about leaving enough room for others. Furthermore, make sure that your vehicle is not in the way and blocking the communal path.
  • Please do not bring animals, we have no possibility to welcome them.


  • During meals, we do not use our dirty cutlery to serve ourselves in dishes, pots and other containers used by everyone, but rather clean cutlery arranged specially for this purpose
  • If we get sick with a contagious disease during a retreat, we take some simple precautions in order not to spread our germs or viruses: we do not leave around our handkerchiefs and other dirty stuff, we wear a mask, we wash hands frequently, we keep away from preparing meals, serving at the table, washing or drying dishes …
  • If we are already sick before coming, it is best to cancel our participation or to postpone our arrival for few days.

We hope you enjoy your practice, may it be rich in experiences and achievements for the benefit of all beings!