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August 2019


Lama Tsultrim Gyamtso performed a ritual to place in the farm the vase consecrated in July by Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche, in a place where no one can walk, in the foundation of the wall of the future kitchen, and therefore, under the future Temple, directly under the shrine, where a representation of the Buddha will be placed; this is to consecrate the place as a place of practice and to remove obstacles and hindrances.

July 2019









Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche came to teach and give empowerments, during 5 days, to more than thirty retreatants.










When he came, Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche consecrated the Vase comprising sacred substances, mantras, mandalas, which was filled by Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche. The Vase was sent to us just at the right time to consecrate our place of practice.



Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche also consecrated all the hermitage, all the lands and all the farm as well as the tools that will be used to build the Stupa.



Lama Tsony Jungnay gave a teaching on the Great Seal Prayer by the Third Karmapa which is a prayer of wishes for all beings to realize the true nature of mind.


October-November 2018

Pligrimage to Népal


May all good wishes come true for relative and ultimate happiness of all beings!