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What is a retreat ?


To create favorable conditions for inner peace and the recognition of the nature of mind, we do our best at any time to be in full consciousness free from grasping, promoting silence.


The Garden of Great Compassion is a meditative retreat place.

 Practices are based on the Teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni , especially following the Karma Kagyu transmission lineage, Oral Transmission Lineage of enlightened activity, of which the Gyalwa Karmapa is the holder. However we welcome without any discrimination anyone who wants  to receive instruction and practice , beyond all traditions, in order to move forward along the path of liberation.

We offer group retreats regularly throughout the year. They allow a meditation practice together, accessible to all, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

You may download and / or print the program by clicking on the link  Program for 2018

The Teachings

In general, we enter into the meditative practice in different ways and through many aspects. We adapt to the abilities and aspirations of each one, for example:

  • In the traditional way by following the progressive path of  Preliminary Practices to the Grand Seal (common  and non common preliminaries), the Training-of-the Mind (Lojong), the Union to the  Unsurpassed Master (Guru Yoga), Abiding-in-Asceticism (Nyung Ne), Cuting through self-grasping (Chöd) and so on up to the instructions on the Great Seal (Mahamudra).
  • With the direct meditative approach according to the instructions of Mahamudra (Great Seal).  Essential and simple instructions are included in this particular designation. These instructions with no artifice nor complications, enable to fulfill the essential nature of mind, the mind in its original simplicity which is nothing else than the enlightened nature.
  • With an informal approach. Adequate instructions are given to some people to bring the body and mind to relaxation and thus gradually and informally learn meditation. This means that we can as well learn to meditate lying down, sitting up, walking and in whatever we are doing, while leaving our body, our speech and our mind without constraints (with respect to time, duration, way and so on).

Texts of practices and various aspiration prayers

 All sacred texts are recited in French. This is very important and enables us to deepen the understanding of their content. The practice becomes interior and makes sense. Furthermore it is possible to improve the translations.

These recitations may be done in Tibetan under certain the circumstances.


Those who wish to come to retreats are asked to register as soon as possible and not later than seven days before. 

If you come for the first time, please fill in the motivation message that you will find on the website (Useful Information / Retreat applying form) or send us a message through ‘to contact us‘.

In general, so that retreats take place under the best conditions, a minimum of five registrations is required.

It is better to register for the whole retreat, otherwise the teaching loses its consistency. Remember that such a place exists and lives through our regular and loyal involvement into the group or individual retreats.

If you participate regularly to retreats it will help you progress on the Way, while allowing this hermitage to continue its activities in the best way for the benefit of all beings.


May all good wishes come true for relative and ultimate happiness of all beings!


Pictures of retreats