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The Path of Mahamudra and Lodjong




Meditative hikes in the mountains





Bouddha Shakyamouni, Master of all lineages


The meditation of The Great Symbol (Mahamudra) is the essential meditation on the true nature of mind.

Meditation is taught in a progressive or direct way according to the capacity and progress of each participant.

The physical posture, different meditation supports, as well as no support can be taught, depending on the aptitude of the participants.

The instructions for this meditation are called direct and true. Actually, meditation is explained plainly and free of all symbolism.






Atisha Dipankara Shrijnana



This practice of Mahayana (Great Vehicle) is essential in the development of the altruistic boddhicitta. This profound teaching allows us to deeply realize love and compassion. This way of realization is simple and easy to apply in our daily life.

During formal practice, we chant prayers to the Masters of the lineage, and wishing prayers to help us turn towards others and reduce and eliminate self-grasping. Many instructions and practices are given throughout the retreat.

Thus, the multiple aspects of the development of the two boddhicittas are explained, from the relative means of giving happiness and taking suffering, to the ultimate aspect of the natural development of non-conceptuality and of emptiness, inseparable of love and compassion, which are aspects of clarity and bliss.



Meditative hikes in the mountains 

Landscape to explore with the inner view

Meditative hikes are an excellent way to induce relaxation and to open your mind and helps you to realize the true nature of mind.

The meditative walk is silent; all along the hike, there will be meditative breaks and instructions will be provided

We start the day with a meditation session in the temple then we leave after breakfast, taking a picnic lunch with us. By mid-day, after a meditation time, we have our meal, and rest for a while. Then we walk back to the hermitage. We get back in the afternoon, and have free time to rest. A evening meditation session may take place after the evening meal, depending on how tired we are.

The hikes will be relatively slow, but these are hikes and they can be quite long (about 10 km).

We require that the group stays together in meditation, silence, respect and walking.

It is important to bring good walking shoes, a raincoat, warm clothes, sunglasses, sun protection, a hat and possibly two walking sticks. Also, bring a backgpack, a waterbottle and two plastic boxes (“Tupperware”) to take lunch.

Pictures of meditative hikes


Preliminaries to the Great Sceal


The Six Sources of Refuge Wish-fulfilling Tree


The preliminaries to the Path of the Great Seal (Ngöndro) are a very important aspect of the Path as they establish a steady and certain foundation to progress without any mistake.

They include reflection on the four thoughts which turn the mind away from the appeal of the ordinary activities of the cyclic existence, and are called common preliminaries.

On this basis, the four non common preliminaries are practiced, usually by doing a series of one hundred thousand of each.

This foundation sets up the mind in a very favorable state to be able to receive the grace, which is itself a crucial aspect to the accomplishment of enlightenment

This practice requires some stamina and requests a special investment.