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The hermitage

The reasons to come here

The world is filled with suffering and adversity. We usually like to think that what is to blame is external, but this is wrong. The cause of all pain is the grasping of what we think of as a self. If this is understood and realized, then the door to freedom is opened, and true happiness appears.

The Path taught by the Buddha is absolutely universal and can be adapted to each one according to his aspirations and needs. Far from the misleading promises, this Path is that of everyone.



A place according to the Path

The Garden of Great Compassion is a mountain hermitage for meditation practice according to the Buddha’s Path. Lama Tsultrim Gyatso is the spiritual guide here, and he instils a direct and authentic teaching in French in order to help everyone improve. According to your predisposition, if you look for truth, with freshness, free of references and without bias, and if your search and your wishes guide you to us, then you are very welcome.



The transmission lineage

We follow one of the transmission lineages of the Teachings of the Buddha, the Kamtsang Kagyu lineage. Currently, teachings are mainly given by Lama Tsultrim Gyatso, who received the complete transmission and his Teachers gave him the injunction to pass down these teachings.



How to behave here

When we stay in this place, we have to observe some rules in order to cultivate the harmony of body, speech and mind. In particular, it is important to strive for a clearer mind, paying closer attention, fully aware and virtuous to develop both relative and ultimate aspects of the altruistic Bodhicitta.



Pictures of the hermitage

Visit the place through video and  pictures




To view past and future events.