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Renovation work on the farm continues …

Since the spring of 2017, thanks to the help of many people, we started the renovation work.

To go on, we always need your help!

See how you can help!

Currently, the association can accommodate a maximum of fifteen people. Since the number of disciples of the hermitage is increasing regularly, we really need to enlarge our reception capacity.
As you know, we bought the near-by farm in the summer of 2016 and are renovating it according to the financial possibilities of the association and the help we have to progress in this work.

2016 Achievements

  • In the fall, we built a phyto-purification system, for 41 people. It is surrounded by a living wicker hedge, and it works very well now.


2017  Achievements

  • In 2017, we set up all the underground networks to connect the building with water, electricity, telephone and sewage disposal to the phyto-purification built in 2016.


  • We also consolidated, drained and cleaned up the west side of the building.


2018  Achievements

  • In 2018, we spent a lot of time reviewing the original plans and modifying them to optimize the use of the buildings. To do this, we applied for a building permit that we obtained in 2019. That way, we have planned an expansion on the east side, with the construction of a building for the reception, a multipurpose room, a grand staircase to get to the three levels, a large room with bathroom for disabled, sanitary, library, corridors, all in accordance with the standards for institutions receiving public. The living space will be 700m².

Here is the 3D representation of the project:

  • We have also taken steps to obtain subsidies for a collective woodchip heater. The installation will be efficient and respectful of the environment: our energy source will be wood chips, coming from well-managed forests and later on, supplemented by solar thermal energy.


  • We dug inside of the farm: future kitchen and technical room, so that all the rooms are at the same level. There was up to 1 meter differnce between levels, especially between the kitchen and the refectory.

  • This involved consolidating the foundations. Here one can see the future kitchen …

… and the technical room.

  • The laying of wooden lintels between the kitchen, the tea room and the refectory had to be done with many of us, given their weight!




2019  Achievements

  • As for the location of the future temple, we asked a local carpenter, disciple of the hermitage, to do some reinforcement work according a study. This will allow us to have a space without posts or visible reinforcements. With this, a beginning of joisting which will be the ceiling of the future temple has been installed. Since this temple will have an surface of 120 m², we have large spans and right now, the framework is not strong enough to support the ceiling with the insulation.


  • As for the outside walls, the consolidation of the foundations continued. This work reinforces the building that was originally built without foundations. This mainly concerned the east side of the farm, and took most of the time during the summer of 2019.


  • At the same time we removed the old shelter to make way for the future extension and we made some openings for windows and a door in the stone walls.


  • Regarding wood chip heating, at the end of April we obtained the subsidy agreement from ADEME (€ 56,000). The total cost of the heating system will be approximately € 150,000.

This project must be completed before the end of 2020.

  • Once we got an official building permit, we started the construction of the boiler room with the silo for wood chips.


  • At the same time, we were able to realize the heat network and all the networks concerning the boiler room.

At the meantime, we also brought the gas for cooking up to the future kitchen, respecting the study of Qualigaz, which helps us with all the rules of a « community kitchen » since we are a institution that accomodates many people.



All this has been achieved thanks to the generosity of the benefactors and the perseverance of all the volunteers who take part in the work!

2020 Projects

  • In 2020 we will have to continue the consolidation of the foundations as well as the drainage on the north side to finish sanitizing the entire building. This is essential to achieve the project of the heating and it is necessary for all the renovation inside the building. Since the building is underground on this side, this project is hudge.
  • For the drain flow we also have to begin the foundations of new building, set up the drainage and the build the consolidation of the foundations on north and east side, up to a height of 2.50 m. This in accordance with the building permit obtained in July 2019.
  • The installation of the boiler with all connections will be carried out in 2020 following the sanitizing work mentioned above.

We are confident for the future and encourage generosity and participation in the work of all those who support this project, allowing the continuation of development so that this place expands for the benefit of all.


We need help :

For building work, we need your support and generosity. This work will be carried out as and when the financial possibilities of the association. We will keep you regularly informed of their progress.

Thus, for all this works, we call for all those of good will and various skills.

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    We warmly thank all those who have already sent us a donation and all the benefactors of the Garden of Great Compassion, who will support us to carry out this project in order to develop the hermitage for the benefit of all.

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    Many thanks for your trust.