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Green Tara

From Saturday evening, July 7th to Saturday afternoon, July 14th  


Green Tara


This teaching is given by Lama Tsultrim Genevieve
(Required contribution for the offering to the Lama: 60 €) 

This practice is based on a Terma ritual (Hidden Treasure) practiced according to the Kriya Tantra (Transmission Current of Behavior), the Tcharya Tantra (Transmission Current of Action) and Tantra Yoga (Transmission Current of Union ), which is read at each session.

This practice includes the recitation of praise and mantras (Sacred Words) with visualizations.

The Liberatrice is the female representation of the Enlightenment. She is the mother of all Buddhas (Enlightened beings). She represents wisdom itself. This practice helps to open up very quickly to Enlightenment, if we develop faith and trust in this symbol, which is brought alive.



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