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Wednesday, May 4th to Sunday, May 8th 2016

 From Wednesday evening, May 4th to Sunday afternoon, May 8th

Lama Kunzang  will teach the preliminary practices and shinay meditation.


The preliminaries to the Path of the Great Seal (Ngöndro) are a very important aspect of the Path as they establish a steady and certain foundation to progress without any mistake.

They include reflection on the four thoughts which turn the mind away from the appeal of the ordinary activities of the cyclic existence, and are called common preliminaries.

On this basis, the four non common preliminaries are practiced, usually by doing a series of one hundred thousand of each.

This foundation sets up the mind in a very favorable state to be able to receive the grace, which is itself a crucial aspect to the accomplishment of enlightenment.

The practice continues with the practice of pacification.

Pacification takes place naturally when the mind is no longer subject to the appeal of phenomena related to the world and things that inevitably generate hope and fear and thereby instability of mind, since it remains trapped by mental restlessness or torpor in which it fled easily, not understanding the value of liberation.

Meditation instructions are essential if we are to truly move toward enlightenment and liberation of suffering.

(Required contribution for the offering to the Lama: 50 €)