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Lama Sempa


With 35 years of meditative practice and 15 years of spiritual retreat, supervised and guided by a great Tibetan Master Guèndun Rinpoche in Bost, Auvergne, Lama Sempa teaches today in the Buddhist centers of the PACA region, in hospitals and different places.

He organizes retreats, meditative walks, conferences and regular sessions to discover and deepen meditation, aimed at all audiences. In particular, he teaches at Pema Karpo Chöling – The Lotus Workshop in the Alpes-Maritimes.

He runs radio programs (RCF and Radio Verdon).

“It is essential to keep an opened mind by being available to oneself and to others in a simple and accessible way. The practice of meditation is totally part of daily life even in an active and secular life. ”

Program of his center The Lotus Workshop