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How can qualities be present without being manifested?

From Sunday evening, July 17th to Thursday evening, July 21st 2022



Lama Tsony Jungnay will come to teach 

How can qualities be present without being manifested?

In “Buddha Nature”

by Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche. 




To help us understand how qualities can be present but not manifest, Buddhist schools of thoughts scrutinize the mind and how it works. One of the models in which this is applied is to distinguish three aspects of the mind: the imagined nature, the dependent nature and the perfect nature.

We will first consider the “imagined nature”. Currently, our mind is in a state of ignorance because it is not aware of its own nature. Because of this ignorance, our perceptions consist of deceitful appearances.

The “dependent nature” also refers to an aspect of our mind in the state of ignorance, not the wisdom mind of a Buddha. Dependent nature is polluted in the sense that it is the samsaric mind entirely under the influence of the two poles of ‘subject‘ and ‘object‘.

The “perfect nature” is the true nature of the mind, the dharmakaya with the qualities specified above. It is the perfectly manifested presence of what is naturally there. Therefore, it is called perfect wisdom. When this natural perfection is actualized, the true nature of mind is realized, and mind is no longer in grip to imagined and dependent natures.

Whatever type of meditation you engage in, it is very helpful and important for your practice to have a clear understanding of these points of view as they are related to the mind, its nature and how it works.

When your view is accurate, the meditation will proceed in the right way without faults or problems. This is because Buddhist meditation is about working with the mind. So, if you do not understand well the processes and the nature of the mind, you will tend to make mistakes in practice. Therefore, a good understanding of the mind is necessary to become a good meditator.


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