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Lama Tsony Djoungné, “La confluence des deux fleuves” sur l’Entraînement de l’Esprit (Lodjong), du vendredi 8 au soir au lundi 11 novembre après-midi.


 Lama Tsony Jungnay will come to teach  Lojong, ‘The confluence of two rivers’   from Friday evening, November 8th to Monday afternoon, November 11th. (Required contribution for the offering to the Lama: 50 €)


The two sides, conditioned and essential, of Bodhicitta are the path to enlightenment.

Teachings on training the mind, in the tradition of Gampopa, merge  Atisha’s Kadampa instructions with the teachings on Mahamudra of the Indian Mahasiddha Saraha. This oral transmission is known as “The confluence of two rivers”.

During this time in the inspiring surroundings of the mountains, we will explore how to approach and bring into our lives this path to realisation.

Reference text : Lo Djong, la voie vers l’Éveil, Un commentaire de Shamar Rinpoché, Éditions Rabsel,  ISBN 978-2-9537216-0-7