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The Enlightened Sage of Medicine


Sanggye Menla



The practice of the Enlightened Sage of Medicine (Sanggye Menla) is based on a Terma ritual (Hidden Treasure) of the Anoutara Tantra (Transmission Current of Unsurpassable Union), from the fourth class of Tantra, of the ancient tradition that is read at each session. This includes the recitation of praise and mantras (Sacred Words) with visualizations.

The Buddha of Medicine is a male representation of Enlightenment. He gathers the wisdom of all Buddhas (Enlightened beings).

This practice, on the relative level, enables you to be cured from all physical and mental ailments, and ultimately to achieve Enlightenment rapidly, if you develop faith and trust in this symbol, which is brought alive, as for all practices in the Diamond Vehicle (Vajrayana).