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Wednesday, May 24th to Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Mind Training Retreat (Lodjong)

from Wednesday evening, May 24th to Sunday afternoon, May 28th.

Atisha Dipankara Shrijnana


This practice of Mahayana (Great Vehicle) is essential in the development of the altruistic boddhicitta. This profound teaching allows us to deeply realize love and compassion. This way of realization is simple and easy to apply in our daily life.

During formal practice, we chant prayers to the Masters of the lineage, and wishing prayers to help us turn towards others and reduce and eliminate self-grasping. Many instructions and practices are given throughout the retreat.

Thus, the multiple aspects of the development of the two boddhicittas are explained, from the relative means of giving happiness and taking suffering, to the ultimate aspect of the natural development of non-conceptuality and of emptiness, inseparable of love and compassion, which are aspects of clarity and bliss.

Applying form