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Amitabha Practice

Sanggye Eupagme

The Buddha Amitabha is a major aspect among the meditation practices to develop love and compassion.

All the practitioners of the Buddha’s teachings regularly pray Amitabha. The practice enables to realize the nature of mind and to be reborn in the Pure Land of Bliss.

The Land of Bliss is a pure manifestation of the Sambogakhaya, which appeared through the power of the wishes of the Buddha Amitabha. It is easily accessible to those who develop a deep trust in Amitabha and his Pure Land.

To be born in this Pure Land means that you have realized the nature of mind and are free from being compelled to be born again in the cycle of existences. You will make rapid progress through the Land and Paths of enlightenment, and then, at last, you will be able to help beings in infinite number and for this purpose, you will be able to display in the cycle without the drawbacks and sufferings, because self-grasping has been defeated.

If you wish to pursue further this practice, before, you usually need to receive the Empowerment from a great Lama as Karmapa or as Shamarpa. The transmission through ritual reading, explanations and comments are given on site during the retreat.