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Meditation in the mountains

From Sunday evening, July 21st to Saturday afternoon, July 27th 2024

Landscape to explore with the inner view

This retreat will be guided by Lama Kunkyab

Meditative hikes are an excellent way to induce relaxation and to open your mind and helps you to realize the true nature of mind.

The meditative walk is silent; all along the hike, there will be meditative breaks and instructions will be provided

We start the day with a meditation session in the temple then we leave after breakfast, taking a picnic lunch with us. By mid-day, after a meditation time, we have our meal, and rest for a while. Then we walk back to the hermitage. We get back in the afternoon, and have free time to rest. A evening meditation session may take place after the evening meal, depending on how tired we are.

The hikes will be relatively slow, but these are hikes and they can be quite long (about 10 km).

We require that the group stays together in meditation, silence, respect and walking.

It is important to bring good walking shoes, a raincoat, warm clothes, sunglasses, sun protection, a hat and possibly two walking sticks. Also, bring a backgpack, a waterbottle and two plastic boxes (“Tupperware”) to take lunch.


(Required contribution for the offering to the Lama: 60 €)


Pictures of meditative hikes
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