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Meditation in the mountains in the morning and Mahamudra teaching in the afternoon

From Sunday evening, September 25th to Saturday afternoon, October 1st 2022

This retrat is guided by Lama Sempa

In the morning meditation in the mountains

Meditation in the nature while walking slowly is an excellent support that can bring relaxation and open the mind, and allows us to become a suitable receptacle to realize the nature of the mind.

The slow, meditative walk is silent. It is interspersed with meditation breaks along the way, during which instructions are given.

We imperatively ask that the group remain united in meditation, silence, respect and walking.

In the afternoon, teaching on the oral instructions of Guendune Rinpoche on the path to Mahamoudra, according to his last teaching at Dagpo

The retreat will be followed by a conference , on Saturday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., open to all.

(Required contribution for the offering to the Lama: 60 €)
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