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Yoga of Interiority, transmitted by Kyabdje Kalou Rinpoche

From Tuesday evening, May 7th to Sunday afternoon, May 12th 2024



Lama Zangmo will give a Teaching

on the Yoga of Interiority, transmitted by Kyabdjé Kalu Rinpoche


During this retreat, the main theme of our practices is the Yoga of Interiority transmitted by Kyabdjé Kalou Rinpoche: an approach to the foundations of spiritual practice including:

– the intention to awaken for the benefit of all beings

– being aware of suffering, impermanence and the interdependence of all living things, deepened by the unconditional welcome of the Noble Heart

– practicing with the body and the subtle breath, allowing the purification and transformation of karmic aggregates into pure light

– meditation which enables to go beyond the illusion of a self and to open oneself to the inexhaustible flow of unconditional Love.


During the retreat, we accompany our intention “to awaken for the benefit of all beings” with sessions when we sit, move or interact.


Those who receive these instructions for the first time must register from the beginning of the session; those who have already received some of the instructions and put them into practice can register for the second part of the week.


(Required contribution for the offering to the Lama: 50 €)