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The Garden of Great Compassion is a hermitage which offers meditation retreats throughout the year.
Guided by a qualified teacher, they enable each of us, within a group, to develop and deepen the path to enlightenment according to the Buddha’s teachings.
It is in a in a quiet and favorable mountain environment, south of the Parc des Ecrins, that you may experience a direct and simple approach to meditation.     Read more

Video of the Hermitage

Présentation de l'ermitage | Programme | Événements


Mind Training Retreat (Lodjong)

Dimanche 10 octobre au samedi 16 octobre 2021

From Saturday evening, October 27th , to Saturday morning , November 3rd. Retreat guided by Lama Kunkyab.

Mahamudra retreat

Sunday, October 17th to Saturday, October 23rd 2021

This is the essential meditation on the very nature of the mind.